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We came across the unfortunate need to sell a family member’s house which we had inherited and could no longer afford to hold on to. After filtering through several persons and companies of questionable integrity we found Justin. We found a responsive, empathetic and capable person in whom we could invest our trust. We knew that Justin always had our best interests in mind which helped us relax throughout the entire selling process. With all my sincerity I endorse Justin. Not just as a business person, but as a person.

Steve DePass

I owned a house that I needed to sell quickly. Justin at Infinia Realty LLC went above and beyond in walking me through the sale process to make it as simple and easy as possible. If someone were to ask if I know who could help them, I would not hesitate to recommend Justin as a reference as he is an honest person. Can’t thank Infinia Realty enough for all of their help!

Ramzy I. - Belleville Seller